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Toddler Running Around During Dinner Ends Up With a Chopstick in Her Skull

A 3-year-old girl from Jiangxi, China was rushed to a hospital on April 11 after she accidentally fell onto the chopstick in her hands while running around the living room while her family was having dinner.

According to Chinese media via AsiaOne, the chopstick pierced through the mouth of the girl and into her skull. After witnessing what happened, her parents quickly rushed the toddler to a small hospital near their home.

P‌ol‌ic‌e Called to Rescue Toddler After Getting Stuck in a Toy

A panicking mom called New Jersey p‌oli‌ce‌ when her 20-month-year old son managed to get himself stuck in a toy meant to teach children about shapes.

The toddler, Lucas, looked slightly embarrassed in photos taken by his mom, Soona Choe, after Ser‌gea‌n‌t Rick Hernandez responded to the call. He had the jaws of life en route to the home but was able to break the back panel of the toy.