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The 6 Chinese Survivors of the Titanic That U.S. History Purposely Erased

A new documentary to be released later this year will finally shed light on the six Chinese survivors of the “unsinkable” ship, the RMS Titanic, on April 15, 1912.

The film, titled “The Six,” tells the story of how six of the eight Chinese passengers aboard the Titanic — Lee Bing, Fang Lang, Chang Chip, Ah Lam, Chung Foo, and Ling Hee — survived the tragic collision with an iceberg that took the lives of 1,500 passengers, according to South China Morning Post.

China’s Titanic Replica is Offending Families of Titanic Survivors

A Chinese firm’s full-size replica of the infamous RMS Titanic as a theme park attraction is being condemned by the British Titanic Society for being offensive.

The group, whose membership consisted of survivors and relatives of the victims of the most famous ocean liner disaster in history, has found the project upsetting and in “bad taste.” Once dubbed as the unsinkable, the ill-fated ship sank after it hit an iceberg during its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York on April 15 1912. 

China Begins Construction of Life-Sized Replica of the Titanic

China is currently building its most ambitious replica yet: a “New Titanic.” Being designed as a tourist attraction, the company behind it said it does not only want to copy the look of the infamous ship, but also wants to emulate the experience its ill-fated passengers felt back in 1912 when the supposedly “unsinkable” ship tragically hit an iceberg and sank.

The 1 billion yuan ($145 million) project, which was initially announced in 2013, finally began construction earlier this week, Global Times reported (via Shanghaiist).