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Tim Chung Finally Addresses Rumor That He Fathered Kylie Jenner’s Daughter

Tim Chung, the LAPD cop/model who exploded in popularity in recent weeks amid internet rumors that he might be the real father of Kylie Jenner’s three-month-old daughter, finally addressed the rumors.

In a statement posted on Instagram Friday night, Jenner’s former bodyguard officially denied being Stormi’s father, stating that it would be his “first and last comment” on the matter.

Kylie Jenner Who? Tim Chung Spotted With Stunning Blonde Woman

Tim Chung, Kylie Jenner’s hunky bodyguard/rumored baby daddy, has the internet chasing every juicy detail they can find on him after his popularity skyrocketed.

Chung, an LAPD cop who also moonlights as a part-time model, suddenly rose to internet stardom after some netizens began spreading a wild theory of him being the true father of Kylie Jenner’s three-month-old baby, Stormi.

Kylie Jenner’s Smoking Hot Bodyguard Tim Chung Also Has the Voice of an Angel

Tim Chung, Kylie Jenner’s internet-famous bodyguard, has been setting hearts aflame in recent weeks after rumors of him being the father of Kylie’s daughter brought the social media spotlight on him.

Social media users have been buzzing about the idea that instead of Kylie’s boyfriend, Travis Scott, Chung could be the father of Kylie’s three-month-old daughter, Stormi Webster.

Tyga Agrees That Kylie Jenner’s Bodyguard Tim Chung is Her Baby Daddy

American rapper and Kylie Jenner‘s ex-boyfriend Tyga added fuel to the rumor that bodyguard Tim Chung is the father of Jenner’s baby Stormi, even after Chung slammed the allegations.

While many believe that Jenner’s current boyfriend Travis Scott is Stormi’s father, Tyga, through an unnamed source, stated Chung could actually be the father of the baby girl.