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Author Reveals the Real Difference Between ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ and the Real Wall Street

John LeFevre, the British-born former banker behind Goldman Sachs Elevator, has just substantiated for those outside the insular world of investment banking that the behavior on Wall Street is spot on with how the movie “Wolf of Wall Street” portrayed it.

One discrepancy between real life and the movie, according to LeFevre, however, is the background of the people living fast and hard.

Brian Sacca of ‘Wolf of Wall Street’: Why The Key to Success is Not Just About Hustling

It’s no secret that one of the hottest films last year was The Wolf of Wall Street. While I’m sure many learned a ton of creative sales techniques they can apply to their own businesses, there was a certain actor in the film with ties to Silicon Valley we didn’t expect. That person was Robbie “Pinhead” Feinberg, played by Brian Sacca. Though, his part was not as big as the main characters, he has a fascinating story of his hustle to becoming an actor and how he got the part during the lowest points of his acting career.

Another interesting fact to note that Brian is also the younger brother of Chris Sacca, a prominent venture capitalist in Silicon Valley known for his early investment in Twitter and his firm LOWERCASE capital.

Kenneth Choi Talks Playing One of Jordan Belfort’s Enforcers in “The Wolf of Wall Street”


“The Wolf of Wall Street” has been one of the hottest films this year. It already has five Academy Award nominations and the press can’t seem to stop talking about it. Some say that this is the best work Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill have ever done.

The movie obviously features an all-star cast, but we were lucky enough to grab an interview with Kenneth Choi who played Chester Ming in the film. In this interview, we talk about how he prepared for his role, what it was like working with Leo and Marty, and tells us about a bucket list moment on set.