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Top China livestreamer goes offline after showing ice-cream tank on Tiananmen Square anniversary

  • On Friday evening, top China e-commerce livestreamer Li Jiaqi and a co-host presented Viennetta ice cream to sell during a live broadcast.
  • The ice cream on a plate, adorned with Oreos and a chocolate ball, appeared to resemble a tank, coincidentally on the eve of the Tiananmen Square protest anniversary.
  • While Li most likely obliviously displayed a tank on his show, the Chinese government has been known to take censorship of the event very seriously.
  • Li’s account appears to have suspended all activity, with the sales guru also failing to show up for a scheduled broadcast on Sunday.
  • The tank became a widely recognized symbol of the protests after an iconic photo was taken of the famous “tank man,” in which a lone man in civilian clothing stood in front of a line of Chinese military tanks at Tiananmen Square.

The account of top China e-commerce livestreamer Li Jiaqi appears to have suspended all activity after showing an ice-cream tank on the eve of the Tiananmen Square anniversary.

June 4 marked the 33rd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests, which resulted in a bloody crackdown of its thousands of peaceful participants — most of which were students — by the Chinese military.  

You Can Now Hire a ‘Professional Arguer’ on Taobao to Fight Your Petty Battles While You Relax

Arguing can be very taxing to a lot of people, luckily, a service is now being offered on China’s e-commerce site Taobao that can save you from all that trouble.

Red Star News, a news outlet in China, recently tried to hire the professional arguer service to see how the process works. According to the report, the fee for a professional arguer ranges from 5 Chinese yuan ($0.74 cents) to 20 yuan ($2.95), as translated by AsiaOne.

Traditional Chinese Papermaker Needs 400 Gallons of Young Boys’ Pee to Make Quality Paper

In preparation for China’s massive online shopping extravaganza next month, a local traditional papermaker has been busy obtaining a key ingredient in his paper products: young boys’ pee.

The man, surnamed Li, is hoping he can gather enough urine before Singles’ Day (Guanggun Jie), the world’s largest offline and online shopping day held in China on November 11.

Someone Put an $84 Million Abandoned Skyscraper in China For Sale on Taobao

The Taobao auction for an abandoned skyscraper project in Taiyuan, the capital of northern China’s Shanxi Province, was unsuccessful in attracting buyers with a starting price of 550 million yuan ($84 million).

Instead of caving in, the organizer of the event, Shanxi Provincial Higher People’s Court, officially announced a second auction, which is expected to take place either by the end of January or early February, according to Xinhua.

Chinese Company Purchases Two Boeing 747s Off Taobao for Just $48 Million

Popular Chinese online shopping site Taobao has some strange items on sale such as portable flame throwers, but now they can add airbuses to the list as two Boeing 747s were auctioned off for 322 million yuan (more than $48 million) to a courier company.

The heated bidding exchange started two months ago when one of the planes initially started with a 135,038,600 yuan ($20,410,914) price tag, while the other plane went for 133,780,800 yuan ($20,220,799).

Taiwanese Cosplayer Accuses Chinese Online Shop for Using Her Image Without Approval

Marceline Liu, a Taiwanese gamer, cosplayer and airsoft hobbyist, is looking to sue Chinese online store Taobao after it used her as a model for a clay figurine and used her photo for advertising purposes without consent.

Liu vented out on her Facebook account on Tuesday after she stumbled upon the store’s page on Taobao where it sold mini clay models that look exactly like her in costume, according to Taiwan News.

Women in China Can Now Buy Mini Flamethrowers to Fight Off Sexual Predators

An unusual and incredibly dangerous self-defense device sold in China may finally be enough to scare off sexual predators for good.

With the arrival of the new “anti-pervert devices” from China, offenders might have to think twice about sexual harassment. According to Shanghaiist, these self-defense devices are being sold on China’s online shopping website Taobao.

Singapore Website Shutdown After Selling Fake Calvin Klein Products from Taobao

A retail website in Singapore has been ordered by the local High Court to stop selling counterfeit Calvin Klein products after the fashion brand filed a suit for trademark infringement.

Website SGbuy4u was found selling fake Calvin Klein goods after investigators successfully purchased imitation wallets and underwear from the website, according to the Straits Times.

Four Loko Launches in China Where It’s Called ‘Lose Virginity Liquor’

Four Loko, that dangerous concoction of alcohol and stimulants, just made its way to China — and people are loving it.

Americans may remember Four Loko as the party drink that led to a series of hospitalizations, but in China, people are calling it shi shen jiu or “lose virginity liquor.” According to Quartz, the drink is currently marketed as “blackout in a can.” It’s available on China’s biggest online shopping portals.

Taobao Users Are Betting Money on When Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Will Break Up

With Taylor Swift’s known streak of having many different romances, Chinese netizens are now betting money on Taobao to see how long her new relationship with British actor Tom Hiddleston will last. 

Earlier this month, Taobao, an Alibaba-owned Chinese marketplace, was offering “breakup insurance” for Swift’s new relationship. Sellers of the insurance guaranteed that if the power couple breaks up, buyers would get back at least double their bet.

Taobao Sellers Are Delivering Fake Packages Full of Toilet Paper to Boost Online Sales

Several package delivery companies in China were reportedly discovered to be engaged in illegally selling ’empty’ packages to manipulate their e-commerce sales statistics.

The practice called “empty package scalping” involves shop owners on online merchant sites like Taobao who deliver fake packages using “empty package” delivery services to fraudulently boost sales figures, reported E27 (via The Beijing News).

Victims of such scheme would allegedly receive multiple fake packages filled with useless random stuff such as pieces of toilet paper, shredded paper and others. The offending shop owners use people’s personal information that were obtained from leaked data online.