Women in China Can Now Buy Mini Flamethrowers to Fight Off Sexual Predators

Women in China Can Now Buy Mini Flamethrowers to Fight Off Sexual Predators

July 20, 2017
An unusual and incredibly dangerous self-defense device sold in China may finally be enough to scare off sexual predators for good.
With the arrival of the new “anti-pervert devices” from China, offenders might have to think twice about sexual harassment. According to Shanghaiist, these self-defense devices are being sold on China’s online shopping website Taobao.
What separates these tools from the usual pepper spray is that these emit searing flames instead of liquid. These devices are basically pocket-sized flamethrowers capable of dealing some serious damage to any unassuming pervert.
One ad claims that these portable devices can reach temperatures of up to 1,500 Celsius, or over 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit. As for aesthetics, the device looks like an over-sized lighter which also comes in varying colors for the fashion conscious. The devices are said to shoot flames out about 30 to 50 centimeters (11.8 to 19.6 inches).
Pricing for these fire-spewing tools range from 33 yuan to 199 yuan ($4.89-$29.48) and some even go for as high as 588 yuan ($87.11) per piece. While this might be a good device to keep women safe, the police still think it’s too dangerous.
In fact, Chinese police deemed this tool as illegal to be shipped to anywhere else. According to GlobalTimes, some people are even calling these self-defense devices as “more scary” than the perverts themselves.
It’s hard not to question this tool’s legality after one vendor guarantees that it can even “disfigure an attacker.” With weapons like these, perverts would rather keep to themselves than risk having their face melted beyond recognition.
Police are discouraging people from buying the anti-pervert products and the media are worried of the people’s safety. After all, the idea of civilians walking around with portable flamethrowers is already a discomforting thought in itself.
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