Watch: Woman breaks down in tears after missing flight due to online shopping sale

Watch: Woman breaks down in tears after missing flight due to online shopping sale
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The woman was reportedly so absorbed by a Singles' Day online shopping sale that she did not notice the boarding reminders

November 17, 2023
A young woman found herself in tears after having reportedly missed her flight due to becoming too engrossed in Taobao’s 11.11 online shopping sale.
About 11.11: Initially conceived by Alibaba in 2009, the 11.11 shopping sale entices consumers with massive discounts and promotions on November 11. The 11.11 sale, also known as the Singles’ Day sale because it celebrates individuals not in relationships, has since evolved into an annual retail phenomenon adopted by various online shopping platforms, including Taobao
Add to cart-a-thon: The unnamed woman arrived early at Shanghai Airport on Nov. 11 but reportedly decided to indulge in online shopping while waiting in the departure lounge, according to local reports. As she became so absorbed while virtually shopping during the annual sale, she ended up losing track of time and failed to notice the boarding reminders.
Images of regret: A video that emerged on Weibo and was re-uploaded to other social media platforms shows the distraught woman breaking down in tears after realizing her flight had taken off. She can be seen wearing a white hat and sitting cross-legged on the airport floor. Fortunately, she managed to secure a rescheduled flight.
“At that time, my emotions were quite overwhelmed, and the reason I was so focused is because after tonight, the double 11 ends… I hope no one is like me,” she laments in Chinese in the short clip.
Online reactions: The woman’s plight has sparked various discussions online, with netizens sharing a mix of amusement and sympathy. Some took the opportunity to remind fellow travelers to be diligent in understanding boarding times, noting that such incidents could be avoided with proper awareness. Others shared their own experiences of getting caught up in smartphone distractions.
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