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‘Queer Eye’ star reveals racist bullying led him to try skin lightening: ‘I know now bleaching is a form of self-harm’

Queer Eye Tan France racism
  • “Queer Eye” star Tan France tackles colorism and skin bleaching in “Tan France: Beauty & the Bleach,” a new BBC documentary that will premiere on Wednesday.
  • In the documentary, France shares that he was targeted for his racial background when he was a child. He says that during one such incident, he was left for dead after a gang attack.
  • Such experiences led to his decision to bleach his skin when he was 9 years old: “It was about survival. Being able to get home without being attacked.”
  • Through his documentary, France aims to help destroy the myth that whiteness is the pinnacle of beauty: “I hope to break the cycle that pushed me and thousands like me to bleach. And still does.”

British American fashion designer and TV personality Tan France addresses colorism and being left for dead after a racially motivated gang attack in the new BBC documentary, “Tan France: Beauty & the Bleach.”

The “Queer Eye” star recalled painful memories as he attempted to visit his hometown again after living in the U.S. for 15 years.