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Computer Engineer Starts a Dating Site, Accidentally Creates the Third Biggest Site in the World

In an alternate universe, there’s probably a version of YouTube designed to match potential couples — sort of like how its founders originally intended it to be: Tinder with video.

Speaking at the South by Southwest conference on Monday, YouTube co-founder Steve Chen revealed that the popular video-sharing site was supposed to be a dating site, reported CNET.

Guy Tries to Network With Mark Cuban at SXSW, Fails Miserably

A lot of us probably tell ourselves we will never be starstruck if we ever meet an idol or celebrity, but some of us just can’t help but vomit creepy nonsense when we finally get that chance, only for said idol/celebrity to walk away frightened and thoroughly creeped out. 

One incredibly unfortunate Redditor, Vohit4Rohit, will live with this internal disgrace for the rest of his life after meeting and creeping on Mark Cuban in a hotel lobby while at SXSW this week. Here is “TIFU [Today I Fucked Up] by talking to Mark Cuban.”