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World’s Most Expensive Potato Chips Cost $11 Per Chip And They’re All Sold Out

The world’s most expensive potato chips, priced at $56 for a box of five, recently went on limited sale and immediately sold out. 

Swedish beer company St. Eriks developed the crisps using select almond potatoes harvested by hand from the potato hillside in Ammarnäs seasoned with a variety of rare ingredients: Matsutake mushrooms from forests in northern Sweden, Crown Dill from the Bjäre Peninsula, truffle seaweed from the Faroe Islands, Leksand onion and India Pale Ale Wort.

‘Hole in the Wall’ Sushi Chef in Sweden Proves Anyone Can Make Delicious Looking Sushi

One sushi chef at a hole in the wall restaurant in Malmö, Sweden has received recognition for his delicious creations — all made without the training sushi chefs normally receive.

In Japan, it can take up to 10 years for a sushi chef to master the art of picking out the best ingredients, slicing fish and mixing sushi rice to create edible works of art.