‘Hole in the Wall’ Sushi Chef in Sweden Proves Anyone Can Make Delicious Looking Sushi

‘Hole in the Wall’ Sushi Chef in Sweden Proves Anyone Can Make Delicious Looking Sushi

June 17, 2016
One sushi chef at a hole in the wall restaurant in Malmö, Sweden has received recognition for his delicious creations — all made without the training sushi chefs normally receive.
In Japan, it can take up to 10 years for a sushi chef to master the art of picking out the best ingredients, slicing fish and mixing sushi rice to create edible works of art.
But for this chef, who grew up in the United States, all it took was the opportunity and drive to make sushi. The chef explained on Reddit:
“I got my start working in a warm kitchen of a Japanese restaurant that also served sushi. I forced the guys there to teach me until I could start doing it myself. I just keep trying to get better, trying and failing and trying some more. I still feel like I have a ton to learn.”
He also revealed that, “All the rolls have been the week’s roll at some point.”
At his restaurant, rolls go for 90 krona, about $11, while nigiri goes for 40 krona, or around $5.
Check out these non-traditional sushi rolls inspired by his new home in Sweden.
“Halibut with shiso and sea salt.”
“Garlic seared scallop with sea salt.”
“Sunshine and Sushi”
“Norwegian Mackerel, with a yuzu koshu.”
“Spicy Scallop with crispy capers.”
“The Swede (Swedish spot prawns, with pickled onion, spicy dill mayo, cucumber, and chopped ruccula)”
“Salmon, pickled bean sprouts, chives, asparagus. Topped with ume boshi sesame and chopped green shiso.”
“Seared yellowfin and Jalapeno salsa Filled with avocado, asparagus and chives.”
“Seared Green onioni with wasabi sesame.”
“A crap load of Salmon nigiri for a catering”
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