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Vietnam Will Start Teaching Statistics to Second Graders in 2020

Vietnam education

Vietnam will soon introduce statistics and probability to second-grade students, raising concerns among parents who worry that the subjects may be too advanced for their children.

The move, which will take effect beginning in the school year 2020-21, is reportedly part of the government’s efforts to improve its education curriculum to meet the demands of the changing times.

China May Start Paying Couples to Have Children

The Chinese government is looking into the possibility of providing financial incentives to encourage couples to have more children as the country faces a shrinking workforce due to its one-child policy.

China’s National Health Commission reportedly organized experts to look at the possibility of reducing the cost of having children in the country as well as rewarding parents depending on the number of children they have, according to The Paper via South China Morning Post.

‘Olympics Porn’ is Skyrocketing in South Korea, According to PornHub

When it comes to the Olympics, one thing immediately comes to mind: tradition. From the torch relay to the ceremonial playing of the national anthems each time a gold medalist is announced, tradition plays a huge factor in what makes the Olympics great…amongst other things, of course.

Speaking of traditions, Pornhub has one of its own — any time a major event occurs, the site takes a look at its analytics to let readers know if there’s been any changes in our consumption of certain videos. And with these Winter games, it looks like something is making our Olympic torches…excited.