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Spoiled Chinese Son Beats His Own Parents For Buying Him a ‘Small’ Apartment

My parents always taught me the importance of humility and gratitude. These values have always stuck with me and I’m eternally grateful that they raised me right. This is why I feel like flipping a table over every time I see somebody mistreating their parents.

A video has gone viral in China showing a spoiled and sorry excuse of a son punching and kicking his parents on the street. What’s the reason behind the attack, you ask? Because they bought an apartment as a wedding present that turned out to be “too small” for his tastes.

‘Affluenza’ Teen and Family Reveals Drug and Alcohol-Fueled Life in New Deposition

In a recently released, never-before-seen deposition video obtained by ABC News, intimate details surrounding the 2013 fatal drunk driving case of then 16-year-old Ethan Couch are revealed.

At his trial, psychologist Dr. G. Dick Miller testified on Couch’s behalf that he did not understand the consequences of his actions because of his financial privilege. He said that Couch’s upbringing and absence of childhood discipline caused him to suffer from affluenza.

Girl Spends Entire $90,000 College Fund on Clothes and Vacation, Blames Her Parents

A 22-year-old girl claims she spent $90,000 meant for her senior year of college tuition on clothes and a vacation to Europe, but blames her parents for not teaching her to “budget or something.”

The girl, who only identified herself as Kim, first called in to the Atlanta-based radio show “The Bert Show” to tell them about her situation when she didn’t know what to do next.

Spoiled Spanish Prince Cuts Line at Theme Park, Unleashes Racist Rant on Asian Student

An adolescent member of the Spanish monarchy has the internet up in arms after an alleged racist rant in a Madrid amusement park directed at an Asian student who tried to tell him it wasn’t right for him to cut in line.

Prince Froilán, the 16-year-old nephew of King Felipe VI of Spain and fourth in line to the throne, was on a school trip to Parque de Atracciones in Madrid when he attempted to cut in line for the popular roller coaster ride The Abyss.

Spoiled Chinese Kid Wanders Aimlessly Begging for Money After Parents Cut Him Off

Few things are more pathetic than spoiled children struggling to make it on their own, but somewhere in Chongqing, China, a 23-year-old kid (not a man) named Chen Dong is crying on doorsteps “sad-eyed and defeated,” asking everyone from bank tellers to police officers to lend him money after his parents cut him off.

A total stranger to the art of begging, he’s resorted to asking bank tellers to borrow money, because, you know, money must come from banks and stuff.

Chinese Girl With No Money Gets Derailed By the Internet For Trying to Find ‘Temporary Boyfriend’

[UPDATED 10/29/14 1:01 p.m. PST] This story is a hoax. The Chinese Government is Forcing an App With 30 Million Users to Shut Down

One of the best ways to let people know how much of a gold digger you are is by posting on the internet on how much of a gold digger you are. This is exactly what the following 19-year-old girl from Shanghai did.