Girl Spends Entire $90,000 College Fund on Clothes and Vacation, Blames Her Parents

A 22-year-old girl claims she spent $90,000 meant for her senior year of college tuition on clothes and a vacation to Europe, but blames her parents for not teaching her to “budget or something.”
The girl, who only identified herself as Kim, first called in to the Atlanta-based radio show “The Bert Show” to tell them about her situation when she didn’t know what to do next.
She explained that her grandparents had set up a rather large fund that would more than cover the cost of tuition for all four years of her college. Due to a series of extremely poor life and financial decisions, the fund was depleted, leaving her without any money to pay for her last year of college.
Kim told the radio hosts that she may have spent all of the money on clothes and a trip to Europe during one of her breaks. “I probably should have not done that,” she said.
The radio hosts offered her advice ranging from “hop on the pole” to telling her parents that she blew all her college money. Kim took the latter advice and called back after a few days to update the hosts on what happened.
Kim’s parents weren’t amused at all — she even called her dad a jerk. Kim was confused because, according to her, this was all their fault. “Maybe they should have taught me how to budget a little bit more. They never sat me down and had a serious talk about it.” Kim suggested that maybe they could give her a loan that she’ll pay back — without interest.
Kim’s parents eventually agreed to cosign a loan with her but only if she got a job. She was willing, but wasn’t enthusiastic about having to actually work a real job. She told the radio hosts:
“I just want to say that I know they’re trying to teach me a lesson and blah blah blah and character building but, that I hope they realize — that this could have such a negative effect on my grades and as a person. I won’t be focused on my studies.”
Get a job and work while she’s in college? Kim most likely literally can’t even at this very moment.
h/t: Mashable
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