Spoiled Spanish Prince Cuts Line at Theme Park, Unleashes Racist Rant on Asian Student

Spoiled Spanish Prince Cuts Line at Theme Park, Unleashes Racist Rant on Asian Student
Jacob Wagner
June 4, 2015
An adolescent member of the Spanish monarchy has the internet up in arms after an alleged racist rant in a Madrid amusement park directed at an Asian student who tried to tell him it wasn’t right for him to cut in line.
Prince Froilán, the 16-year-old nephew of King Felipe VI of Spain and fourth in line to the throne, was on a school trip to Parque de Atracciones in Madrid when he attempted to cut in line for the popular roller coaster ride The Abyss.
The prince, whose full name is Felipe Juan Froilán de Todos los Santos de Marichalar y Borbón, and whose friends call him “Pipe” (Pronounced piep, pee-pay, peep?), was allegedly confronted by staff members and a teacher accompanying another group of children when he tried to cut. He reportedly told them:
“You don’t know who you’re talking to. I’m fourth in line to the Spanish throne.”
When another student, thought to have been of Chinese descent, told him to wait his turn, the prince erupted:
“You shut up you f***ing chino.”
“Chino” translates to “Chinese” in Spanish but has racist implications given the context.
Sources close to the prince confirmed that an incident occurred, but they deny that the prince used any rascist or insulting language.
The young prince is no stranger to controversy and troubling incidents.
When he was 6-years-old, he famously kicked one of his female cousins at King Felipe and Queen Letizia’s wedding. After his parents got divorced, his behavior went downhill.
In 2010, he flipped off the press while in the presence of his sister and grandmother, Queen Sofia.
In 2012, at the age of 13, he shot himself in the foot with a shotgun during a hunting accident in northern Spain. During his last family holiday, he allegedly headbutted his cousin Paul and then tried to stab him with an iron skewer. He was recently expelled from school for failing his exams a second time and is now receiving tutoring after hours.
As with all rotten and spoiled children however, we can’t really blame the young prince — this is clearly a product of bad parenting.
Source: Telegraph
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