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Chocolate Biscuits From Spain Called ‘Filipinos’ Spark Controversy Again in The Philippines

A chocolate-covered biscuit brand bearing the name “Filipinos” has caught the attention of an official in the Philippines after it was discovered that it is now being sold locally in the Philippines.

The snack from Spain, labeled with the caption “chocolate negro,” has sparked controversy in the past for having the same name as the people of the Philippines.

Teens Apprehended for ‘Racist Attack’ on Chinese Student in Spain

After a month since the incident, two suspects have been captured for their involvement in a racist attack against a Chinese student in Malaga, Spain.

The victim, Zhang Dantong, said in a FaceBook post that she was surrounded by a group of Spanish teenagers as she was travelling by train on April 29. The teenagers bullied her, hitting her on the head, threw a cigarette at her, and called her names, including “puta China”, which translates to “Chinese whore”. They also made fun of her accent, telling her to “go back to your f*cking country.”