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‘Happy water’, a cocktail of 6 psychoactive substances, is on the rise in Southeast Asia

  • A mix of up to six psychoactive substances dissolved in liquid to make a beverage called “happy water” has gained popularity in Southeast Asia in recent months.
  • The beverage reportedly induces a state of euphoria without exhaustion, leaving users feeling “dreamy, active and energetic.”
  • Caffeine, diazepam, ketamine, MDMA (ecstasy), methamphetamine and tramadol are said to compose the superdrug, but it’s unclear whether all six substances must be in the mix to produce the same effects.
  • Authorities in Thailand and Myanmar have arrested individuals suspected of trafficking the drug in entertainment venues such as bars and clubs.
  • Abuse of the drug can lead to multiple health problems and even death due to its synthetic composition.

A powerful combination of six psychoactive substances that are dissolved in liquid to make a beverage known as “happy water” is reportedly on the rise in Southeast Asia, triggering a crackdown by authorities.

The literal cocktail, which appears to have gained popularity in recent months, is said to induce a state of euphoria without exhaustion, leaving users feeling “dreamy, active and energetic.”

Video of Asian Bride Being Abused By Husband Reveals Dark Reality of SE Asia’s Sex Trafficking

asian bride

A video of an Asian woman being physically assaulted by her husband on their wedding day has gone viral on Twitter, sparking a widespread debate on sex trafficking and domestic violence issues surrounding Asian women — particularly in Southeast Asia.

The video shows an Asian woman wearing a wedding dress feeding a man, which many Twitter users believe to be her groom, a piece of their wedding cake. When she playfully moves the dessert away from her husband’s mouth, he retaliates by slapping her across the face, making her fall backwards.

150 Million People in Southeast Asia Shop on Facebook and Instagram

Southeast Asia is a burgeoning market for social commerce with about 30 percent of online sales in the region happening through social media in 2016.

New data from consulting firm Bain & Co. published in the Wall Street Journal, social media websites, such as Facebook and Instagram, are attracting 150 digital consumers in the region into e-commerce by using messaging tools and introducing shopping features.