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‘Y’all be drunk in South Korea’: TikToker has hilarious reaction to trying soju for the first time

Viral Soju Twitter trend
  • Soju is now trending on Twitter after a hilarious video of a TikTok user drinking it for the first time went viral.
  • Twitter users have been sharing their stories about the popular Korean distilled alcoholic beverage after seeing the viral video, which has amassed over 14.5 million views.
  • “My 1st duty station was in South Korea and my 1st week I was out in them clubs in Seoul and got a bottle of Soju and it was a wrap after that 3rd sip,” a Twitter user wrote. “Woke up with my hand around the door handle to my room! Learned my lesson!”
  • “All my military folks that been stationed in the Pacific already know what’s up. Soju has set back many careers in one single night,” another user wrote.
  • Soju is traditionally made from ingredients such as rice, wheat or barley. Its ABV (alcohol by volume) is typically around 20%, and it also comes in different fruity flavors such as apple, plum, lychee and peach.

Soju is now trending on Twitter after a hilarious video of a TikTok user trying the popular Korean liquor for the first time went viral.

Twitter users started sharing their stories about soju after TikTok user CrownMeCutie filmed a reaction video with the distilled alcoholic beverage. The TikTok user’s video has amassed more than 14.5 million views since being uploaded on Sunday.

7 Asian Drinking Games You Can Play to Ring in the New Year

Asian drinking games

It’s not exactly a secret that Asians love to drink. Despite the curse of the Asian glow which haunts many of us, nothing will get in the way of our forbidden love for soju and sake.

Games like beer pong and flip cup have been mainstream for years now, but these games are becoming more and more monotonous by the second. If you’re looking to kick things up a notch this Christmas or New Year’s Eve, try some of these Asian drinking games that are sure to get you feeling jolly in a matter of minutes and deeply regretful by morning.

Celebrity Jeweler Ben Baller Creates Diamond Soju Bottles For ‘Dongsaeng’ Jay Park

Ben Baller

Celebrity jeweler Ben Baller has created four special custom Soju bottles for singer Jay Park, a friend he considers “a true dongsaeng (younger sibling).”

In an Instagram post, the Korean-American “jeweler-to-the-stars” shared an image of one of the Soju bottles, along with a touching tribute to Park and his accomplishments and contributions to the music industry.

Study: The Average Korean Drinks at Least 366 Cans of Beer Each Year

A new study found that Koreans consume 9 liters of alcohol a year per person, which is equivalent to 121 bottles of soju or 366 500 milliliter cans of beer. 

The data was from the study conducted by researchers at St. Mary’s Hospital in Uijeongbu and Inje University, where they found that people over the age of 15 have been consuming 9.14 liters of alcohol as of 2015, according to The Chosunilbo.

How to Drink Soju Like a True Korean

Soju, the so-called “Korean firewater”, is one of the world’s most popular spirits. In recent years, this South Korean export has become a global favorite, selling more than any other liquor brand in the world.

However, despite its popularity, many are still not aware that one does not simply open a bottle of the rice spirit and start drinking it with abandon. There are a few certain rituals that are commonly practiced before and after cracking the cap open.