There is Now ‘Yakult-Flavored’ Soju

There is Now ‘Yakult-Flavored’ SojuThere is Now ‘Yakult-Flavored’ Soju
Carl Samson
November 30, 2018
South Korean distiller Lotte Liquor is now selling yogurt soju.
The drink, which comes under its Soonhari line, is the first non-fruit variant exclusively releasing overseas, according to Insight NewsThe first 120,000 bottles will be exported to supermarkets in Australia next month.
“Soonhari is so popular abroad that local merchants often request new flavors themselves,” said one spokesperson, according to the Korea JoongAng Daily“We plan to introduce Soonhari to many other countries as well.”
Lotte Liquor appears to be banking on the growing trend of mixing yogurt with soju and lemon/lime-flavored soda. Videos of non-Koreans adding soju, Yakult and Sprite to the drink have become popular on YouTube.

The Soonhari line, known for its fruity flavors, contains only 12% to 14% alcohol, making it milder than traditional sojus.
The products have gained a steady following overseas and are especially popular in Oceania, where revenues tripled from 2016 to 2017.
Image via Instagram / tphobeerbar
Unlike its fruity siblings, the new product, Soonhari Yogurt, has a unique sweet and sour taste. It also comes with a refreshing aroma that supposedly makes the alcohol easier to consume.
It’s unclear why Soonhari Yogurt will not be available in its home country, but locals are not giving up.
“Please sell it to the domestic market,” some reportedly pleaded.
Feature image via Insight
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