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Japan is the Smartest Country in the World, According to U.K. Firm

Japan has been named the smartest country in the world by United Kingdom-based website VoucherCloud which took a look at the country’s number of Nobel Prize winners, average IQ and educational scores of students.

By combining all the factors listed above from past, present and future generations, VoucherCloud was able to conclude Japan as the smartest country in the world, according to SoraNews24.

Indian-American Graduates as a Biomedical Engineer at 14, Now Going for a Ph.D.

An Indian-American boy graduated as a biomedical engineer from the University of California, Davis at the young age of 14.

Born in Sacramento, Tanishq Abraham made headlines in 2015 after graduating with degrees in Mathematical and Physical Sciences, General Science and Foreign Language Studies from the American River College with a stellar grade point average (GPA) of 4.0. He was only 11 years old.

Science Has Bad News For People Who Think They’re Smart

People who believe they are superior within a particular subject area tend to be less open-minded toward the same topic, according to a new study.

Lead researcher Victor Ottati of Loyola University and his colleagues conducted a study, published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, in which they manipulated their student participants into thinking they were fairly knowledgeable in a field. The test subjects were asked a series of simple or tough questions and given feedback to reinforce their feelings of knowledge or ignorance. They were then asked follow-up questions to gauge their level of openness regarding the same topic.

Avoid Sounding Basic With This New App That Expands Your Vocabulary

Tired of sounding the same — or even stupid — when texting your bro?  Had enough of having to say “I’m sick” to get out of that date with the guy who’s been cyber-stalking you? Then we have an app for you.

It’s called Words U, a free app that exchanges the words in your text messages for smarter-sounding ones, which means your words are modified to more advanced equivalents, which means you don’t have to open up your thesaurus each time you text, which means you can say “I’m indisposed at the moment” instead of your usual “I’m sick,” and which also means you’ll have more time to search online for how to file a restraining order against that guy.