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NIKI releases short film shot in only 5 days

  • Indonesian singer-songwriter NIKI dropped her first-ever short film “But I’m Letting Go” on Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Music on Friday.
  • The film follows the story of NIKI as the character “Nicole” and Peter Adrian Sudarso as “Ben,” the same couple from NIKI’s other music videos “High School in Jakarta,” “Oceans & Engines” and “Before.” 
  • NIKI released her sophomore album “Nicole” on Aug. 12.
  • She will headline her first solo North American tour starting in September in Vancouver.

Indonesian singer-songwriter NIKI released her first short film “But I’m Letting Go” on Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Music on Friday. 

The film, which has a runtime of a little less than 30 minutes, is directed by Isaac Ravishankara and stars NIKI as “Nicole” and Peter Adrian Sudarso as “Ben.” Eagle-eyed NIKI fans will recognize Ravishankara from NIKI’s previous music videos “High School in Jakarta,” “Oceans & Engines” and “Before.”

Malaysian short film ‘Plastik’ imagines a world where plastic pollution continues unchecked

A Malaysian short film produced for World Environmental Day shares the horrifying normalization of plastic pollution. 

The short film, “Plastik,” was developed by The MeshMinds Foundation and produced by Studio Birthplace, in partnership with the United Nations Environment Program’s SEA circular project. It was released on June 3 to promote environmentalism and make sure less plastic is wasted.

Vietnamese filmmakers create visually stunning short about AAPI hate being as old as American history

film about AAPI

Vietnamese filmmakers Sally Tran and Phuong Vo have created a short film about the history of anti-Asian racism and violence in the U.S. 

What it’s about: The short film, entitled Centuries and Still,” unveils the “search for justice [that] goes back to the Gold Rush era fetishization of Asian women, to today’s hate crimes targeting Asian elders.”

Pixar’s Latest Short Has a Korean Grandma Struggling to Give Her Grandson a Better Life

pixar wind

“Wind,” Pixar’s latest short, is a tribute to the sacrifices of a woman who raised her children in the aftermath of the Korean War before bringing them to the United States for a better life.

The film, produced through Pixar’s SparkShorts program — which allows the studio’s employees to create their own projects with limited time and budget — is written and directed by Eddie Chang.

Chanel Miller Tells Her Story in Powerful Short Film Titled ‘I Am With You’

Chanel Miller, the sexual assault survivor of Stanford University rapist Brock Turner, is reclaiming her identity in an animated short film that accompanies her aptly titled memoir, “Know My Name,” which hit the shelves last week.

Miller, known only to the public as “Emily Doe” until early September, was unconscious when Turner violated her in January 2015.