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Eleven-Year-Old Lemonade Entrepreneur Lands Multi-Million Dollar Deal With Whole Foods

An 11-year-old girl from Texas has impressively built a successful business with her special homemade lemonade while saving endangered honey bees in the process.

Mikaila Ulmer, the brilliant kid creator of BeeSweet Lemonade who calls herself a “bee ambassador,” has recently landed a multi-million deal with Whole Foods enabling her to distribute her product to the retail giant’s 55 stores nationwide, NBC reported.

This is What a Bunch of Rich Dudes Bickering on Twitter Looks Like

Billionaires don’t take kindly to people who bash on their T.V. shows as one Silicon Valley investor learned after suggesting that the iconic show “Shark Tank” was a waste of time for entrepreneurs.

Paul Graham is one of Silicon Valley’s defining venture capitalists and co-founder of Y Combinator, the elite startup accelerator program with a low acceptance rate that birthed startups like Airbnb and Dropbox.

Ashton Kutcher, Chris Sacca and Troy Carter to Guest Judge on New ‘Shark Tank’ Season

ABC’s “Shark Tank” is now aligning a little closer to Silicon Valley’s tech scene with the announcement of three new guest judges.

Actor and investor Ashton Kutcher, investor and music manager Troy Carter and investor Chris Sacca are set to appear on the seventh season of “Shark Tank.” Last season, Go Pro CEO Nick Woodman made several appearances.

Mark Cuban Wants Entrepreneurs To Stop Being a Bunch of Helpless Babies

Mark Cuban dropped some prickly wisdom on entrepreneurs at the iCONIC Tour in Chicago: Stop asking for advice and help yourself.

Do you hear that entrepreneurs? You are all just a bunch of babies looking for mentors to hold your hand. It’s time you grew a pair and learned how to handle the struggle of growing a startup yourself. Cuban, though, explained it all a bit more diplomatically:

Jimmy Kimmel Pitches His Hilarious Startup on Shark Tank, Easily Lands a $5 Million Deal

jimmy kimmel shark tank

Securing funding in this day and age has never been easier. Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen even went on record saying that so much money and so many high valuations get thrown around that it’s created a large bubble that has yet to burst. Jimmy Kimmel recently poked fun at this notion by going on “Shark Tank” during his show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to pitch his startup, which produced line of horse pants aimed at making horses more stylish and saving their riders from the embarrassment of riding naked horses.

Shark Tank Entrepreneur: Why College is the Best Time to Launch a Startup

Pitching a company is a make or break situation. When you are pitching to the Sharks on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” you can bet that most entrepreneurs break, but there are a skilled few who have that special something to land a deal with the hungry and critical billionaire investors. College entrepreneur Kaeya Majmundar has that special something and her company BZbox, an innovative take on the ordinary collapsible cardboard box, is a growing success because of it.

A Chicago native, Kaeya is currently a junior at Emory University where she balances schoolwork and managing her business. She got her start with BZbox through a knack for entrepreneurship and her captivation in the show “Shark Tank.” Studying the tactics of all the entrepreneurs who went on the show plus a first place victory at the 2012 National Elevator Pitch competition, Kaeya put her skills to the test to pitch to the Sharks in an episode that aired last May. In an almost dramatic deal, Kaeya made a deal with Shark Lori Greiner and has since received the resources and support she needs to make her business successful. So how did she do it?