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Bruce Lee’s Daughter Sues Famous Chinese Food Chain for $30 Million After Using Her Dad in Logo

Bruce Lee

Shannon Lee, CEO of the Bruce Lee Foundation, has filed a lawsuit against a Chinese fast-food chain for allegedly using an image of her father without permission.

Lee, 50, has reportedly asked the restaurant chain to cease using Bruce Lee’s image, clarify to media outlets that it has no connection to her father for 90 days, and fork over 210 million yuan ($30 million) in damages, according to Sixth Tone.

Shannon Lee Tells Quentin Tarantino to ‘Shut Up’ After Calling Bruce Lee an ‘Arrogant Guy’

Shannon Lee, the daughter of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, responded to “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” director Quentin Tarantino’s comment after he called the star “arrogant.”

When asked how Tarantino could rectify the situation, Shannon Lee, who has dedicated her life to ensure the legacy of her father lives on, told Variety that the director could “shut up about it.”

Bruce Lee Once Had a Dream That Hollywood Destroyed, Now His Daughter is Bringing it Back to Life

Bruce Lee is remembered by many as a legend in the martial arts community. His innovative movies featuring epic fights continue to stand the test of time even decades after his death. His influence and success is no accident though — everything he’s accomplished is a product of his seemingly never-ending drive to succeed at all costs.

In 1961, Lee was 20 years old and a virtual unknown at the time. He made ends meet with small roles in TV shows, particularly the “Green Hornet” series. In January of that year, Lee sat down and wrote the following mission statement.

Bruce Lee’s Daughter Begins Search For Young Chinese Actor in New Biopic

Casting calls have already begun for the upcoming Bruce Lee biopic “Little Dragon” with Betty Mae Casting searching for 16 to 18-year-old English-speaking Chinese actors “with a winning smile and wonderful sense of humor”.

A representative for Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee, confirmed to NextShark that a flyer recently spotted in a tea shop in Los Angeles’ Chinatown is authentic.

Bruce Lee’s Daughter is Making a Film About Her Father and It’s Going to Be LIT

Indian filmmaker Shekhar Kapur is set to co-write and direct “Little Dragon”, another Bruce Lee biopic, but this time with the stamp of approval by Lee’s daughter, Shannon Lee.

Co-scripted and produced by Shannon Lee, who also runs Bruce Lee Entertainment, a division of the Bruce Lee Family Company, the feature film will follow the martial artist’s early days living in 1950s Hong Kong.

Bruce Lee’s Daughter Drove Herself into Debt to Preserve Her Father’s Name

Bruce Lee is perhaps the most influential Asian entertainer and martial artist of the last century. Aside from his achievements in martial arts, his work in Hollywood essentially changed the perception of how Asians were represented in American films and viewed by Western society.

Unfortunately, his success was short-lived as he passed away in 1973 at the young age of 32. His death was allegedly due to an allergic reaction to medication a friend had given him for a headache. His son, Brandon Lee, followed his footsteps and had his own success in Hollywood before he was tragically killed in an accident on set.

Bruce Lee’s Daughter Calls Father’s New Biopic a ‘Travesty’ and ‘Disappointment’

There has been a lot of controversy over the upcoming Bruce Lee biopic “Birth of the Dragon” from it not being an authentic retelling of Lee’s encounter with Wong Jack Man to the entire movie being centered around the film’s lead Caucasian character.

Earlier this week, Phillip Ng, the character who plays Bruce Lee in the film, defended his role and the movie from those who criticized the film based on it’s trailer. It would seem, however, that the last and most important word will come from Bruce Lee’s own daughter, Shannon Lee — and her review isn’t a kind one.