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Korean Canadian Doctor Claims She Was Racially Profiled as a ‘Prostitute’ After Moving to Australia

Dr. Alice Han, an accomplished medical professional, women’s health expert, and a TEDx speaker, opened up about allegedly being subjected to some racial profiling immediately after moving to Australia.

Originally from Toronto, the Korean-Canadian obstetrician and gynecologist had moved to Melbourne back in May after receiving a research fellowship award.

There Are No ‘Happy Endings’ At An Illegal Asian Massage Parlor

Since the release of his new music video “Happy Ending”, Los Angeles-based rapper Hopsin has been scratching his head, wondering why YouTube would flag and remove his video for an alleged nudity violation.

You rapped in a broken Asian accent throughout the entire song and you reduced Asian women to sex objects, upsetting hundreds of fans along the way, but hey! Let’s get pissed about your failed marketing campaign instead.