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‘Most Hated German in Thailand’ Goes to South Korea After Being Blacklisted By Thai Officials

Benjamin Holst, considered to be the “Most Hated German in Thailand,” is now in South Korea after being blacklisted by Thai immigration.

Holst tried to board a flight from Zurich to Laos on Tuesday via Thai Airways. However, the airline did not let the man board the plane, citing that Thai immigration had blacklisted him from entering the country, The Nation reported.

American Woman Goes to Malaysia to Meet Online Lover, Gets Brutally Scammed

An elderly American woman recently went to Malaysia expecting to come face-to-face with the “dashing construction tycoon” she met online, only to discover that her internet romance was part of an elaborate scam.

The 77-year-old unnamed victim, who went all the way from the U.S., said she met a man on social media who would regularly send her sweet messages via email. Little did she know that she was being played by con artists who wanted to extort money from her.

Thai Woman’s Fake Trip to Japan Scam Leaves 2,000 Customers Stranded at Bangkok Airport

Thia police have arrested Pasit Arinchayapit who allegedly scammed thousands of tourists by promising a trip to Japan for the Songkran Festival and left them stranded at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand.

Police also detained Pasit’s mother and relatives, all of whom were unidentified, at a department store in the southern province of Ranong on Wednesday, according to AsiaOne.

Craigslister Warns of Asian Woman Running $1,300 MacBook Pro Scam in Los Angeles

A Craigslist user is warning everyone in the Los Angeles area to be wary of a MacBook Pro scammer.

According to the post, the victim agreed to meet in a public place to purchase the brand new MacBook Pro sealed in its box. After the transaction had taken place the buyer attempted to open the box, which led to the woman frantically yelling and returning the money.