Craigslister Warns of Asian Woman Running $1,300 MacBook Pro Scam in Los Angeles

A Craigslist user is warning everyone in the Los Angeles area to be wary of a MacBook Pro scammer.
According to the post, the victim agreed to meet in a public place to purchase the brand new MacBook Pro sealed in its box. After the transaction had taken place the buyer attempted to open the box, which led to the woman frantically yelling and returning the money.
The Craigslist user managed to snap photos of the woman, who appears of Asian descent, before the scammer allegedly dialed 911.
The post titled “BEWARE sealed macbook pro scam thief!$1300 (Cerritos)” reads: 
“Beware of macbook pro 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 macbook pro i5 i7 scam.
This thief tries to sell you a sealed macbook pro but won’t let u open it. A guy pretends to send his gf to meet u at a public place. U wait inside the public place. She never shows up. When u leave a girl approachess u. Ask u if your the person about the macbook. Tells u she has it in the car. I tried to get her to go back to the public place. She acts nice and says it’s OK. My car is just right here. Did not let me open the macbook pro cus it’s sealed until I paid her. It was a good deal so I said fine. Gave her the money, she gave me the laptop. I tried opening my laptop which I paid for. She yells out what are u doing. At this point I realize she doesn’t have a license plate on her car so I quickly pull out my phone and take pictures of her face. She quickly runs to me and gives me the money back. Plays innocent and SHE calls the cops. The cops show up, and tell me it’s a scam. But since she gave me the money back they can’t charge her for anything. Bullshit! She’s gonna rip someone else off. Here’s her pic. Please share with friends and family all over social media!!!! Looks are deceiving people. Thief’s come in all shapes and races!!! Low life’s like this deserve to be shamed!!! Be safe out there Craigslist fam. Please share share share. Or else thieves like this will rip off innocent hard working people. The cops got her ID but can’t do anything. Please message me if you’ve been a victim. This is her pic and the pic of the post. Also, she has a flower tatto on her left ancle.
We meet in ralphs in South Pasadena. If your in any groups in facebook in the area. South Pasadena Alhambra montebello altadena West covina please share it on Facebook. We need to share in the community to stay safe. Sorry for the bad spelling. This incident just happen and want to make the public aware ASAP.
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