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‘Actual hell’: Ryan Reynolds recalls experience on South Korea’s ‘Masked Singer’

  • Ryan Reynolds reminisced about his appearance on the South Korean singing show “The King of Masked Singer” while promoting “Deadpool 2” in 2018.
  • “I’ve been doing this job a long time, and when you go on these international tours you start to say, ‘What’s the weirdest show we can go on?'” Reynolds said in an interview on "Today" on Tuesday.
  • “This was before The Masked Singer was in the U.S.,” he continued. “So they said, they have this show called ‘[The King of] Masked Singer,’ which is huge in South Korea. I said... 'We have to go do that show.'”
  • Reynolds eventually regretted his decision, sharing, “When I was there, I was like, why did I sign up to do this? This is horrible! This is truly horrible! I don’t even know this song, I don’t know how to do [this]. It was traumatic.”
  • “The Masked Singer,” based on the original South Korean show, premiered in the U.S. in January 2019.

Marvel star Ryan Reynolds recently recalled his “traumatic” experience while making a surprise appearance on South Korea’s “The King of Masked Singer” in 2018.

In an interview on “Today” to promote his latest film “Spirited” on Tuesday, Reynolds, 46, shared some details about his time on South Korea’s “The Masked Singer,” admitting that he did not fully know the song he would be performing onstage.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan receives a memorable birthday message from Ryan Reynolds

  • On Oct. 3, in celebration of Stray Kids member Bang Chan’s birthday, Ryan Reynolds shared a birthday message in the form of an edited clip of his character from “Free Guy” seeing a holographic Bang Chan dancing to The Weeknd’s hit song “Blinding Lights.”
  • The “Deadpool” actor spread the clip across his personal social media accounts, including the Twitter page for his production company Maximum Effort.
  • Reynolds and the K-pop boy group struck up a friendship following a “Deadpool”-inspired performance they gave on the Mnet reality competition show “Kingdom: Legendary War” last year.
  • Since then, Reynolds and Stray Kids have interacted by supporting each other’s latest projects, liking each other’s social media content and exchanging autographed gifts.

Stray Kids member Bang Chan celebrated his birthday on Monday and got a special birthday message from “Deadpool” actor Ryan Reynolds. 

The duo’s friendship formed after Reynolds complimented the K-pop act’s “Deadpool”-inspired performance on the reality competition show “Kingdom: Legendary War” last year. 

Ryan Reynolds Appears on a Korean Singing Show As a Unicorn Because Why Not

Ryan Reynolds recently appeared on a South Korean singing television show dressed up as a unicorn to promote his upcoming film sequel “Deadpool 2” where Lewis Tan is confirmed to play Shatterstar.

On the South Korean show “King of Masked Singer,” Reynolds appears in front of an audience and other celebrities wearing a fabulous shimmering rainbow cape and a unicorn mask because, well, he is the real-life version of Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds Cast as Pikachu in Upcoming Live-Action Pokémon Movie

Ryan Reynolds is joining the cast of “Detective Pikachu“, the live-action Pokémon movie, as the titular lead, Pikachu.

Reynolds, perhaps best known for his portrayal of snarky superhero, Deadpool, will be teaming up with costars Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton in the Legendary Entertainment-produced film directed by Rob Letterman. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie will begin shooting mid-January in London.