Ryan Reynolds Appears on a Korean Singing Show As a Unicorn Because Why Not

Ryan Reynolds Appears on a Korean Singing Show As a Unicorn Because Why Not
Bryan Ke
May 15, 2018
Ryan Reynolds recently appeared on a South Korean singing television show dressed up as a unicorn to promote his upcoming film sequel “Deadpool 2”
On the South Korean show “King of Masked Singer,” Reynolds appears in front of an audience and other celebrities wearing a fabulous shimmering rainbow cape and a unicorn mask because, well, he is the real-life version of Deadpool.
And what made it even more special – and hilarious – is the fact that he sang “Tomorrow” from the hit musical “Annie.”
A true fan of Reynolds, as soon as he hits that first note, will immediately know that he is the person under the mask.
After the huge reveal, contestants of the show were shocked to see the 41-year-old actor on stage.
“What did I just look at? How did Deadpool manage to get here?” one of the contestants shouts as people were freaking out by Reynolds’ appearance, according to Entertainment Weekly. Another contestant thought that the man under the mask was Donald Trump.
“Hello everybody. I’m so sorry about that song,” Reynolds, who was in South Korea as part of his tour for the upcoming sequel, said as the host interviews him. “Yes, absolutely [I was nervous.] I was wearing an adult diaper!”
Out of curiosity, the host then tried to ask Reynolds if he kept his “King of Masked Singer” gig a secret for his South Korean tour, to which the actor jokingly replied: “I didn’t even tell my wife.”
“Deadpool 2” is scheduled to hit theaters on May 18.
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