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Lawyer attempted to discredit R. Kelly accuser in court by bringing up MSG in Chinese food

R. Kelly uses MSG as a way to discredit accuser

Singer R. Kelly’s defense lawyer reportedly tried to discredit one of his accusers in the singer’s ongoing sexual assault case by putting the blame on monosodium glutamate (MSG).

The testimony: Robert Kelly’s lawyer Deveraux L. Cannick made the unexpected comment on Thursday in response to the testimony of a woman identified only as “Sonja.” She is the eighth accuser to take the stand against Kelly on sex crimes and racketeering charges, reported the New York Times.

Kid Who Interrupted Dad’s Viral BBC Interview Becomes a Sass Queen at Press Conference

Marion Kelly, a.k.a. the “BBC interview kid,” won’t let anyone forget her sassiness as she took the spotlight once again at a Wednesday press conference with her family in South Korea.

The four-year-old girl, along with her 8-month-old brother James and mother Kim Jung-a, went viral last week after she busted through the door during a live BBC interview via Skype with her father, Robert Kelly.