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Chinese YouTuber Destroys RiceGum Over Offensive Hong Kong Vlog

LC the Chinese Esports on YouTube, a Shanghai-based YouTuber, has called out popular vlogger RiceGum for his shenanigans in Hong Kong last month.

On June 12, RiceGum, whose real name is Bryan Le, uploaded a video in which he made a fool of himself in public while blatantly insulting locals by asking them ridiculous questions in English. The video was widely condemned online, with many saying that he was being disrespectful and culturally insensitive in a foreign country.

RiceGum is Now a Platinum Selling Artist

“It’s EveryNight Sis,” a song by YouTuber RiceGum that is a diss track and parody to Jake Paul’s “It’s Everyday Bro,” has been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

RiceGum, 21, who’s real name is Bryan Le, is a Vietnamese-American YouTuber known for his comedy video and diss tracks to other YouTubers. Le and fellow YouTuber Alissa Violet worked together on the song and released it in June last year. It was widely successful and reached 80 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart on September 19, 2017. Since then, the video has racked up over 135 million views on YouTube and counting.