Chinese YouTuber Destroys RiceGum Over Offensive Hong Kong Vlog

Chinese YouTuber Destroys RiceGum Over Offensive Hong Kong VlogChinese YouTuber Destroys RiceGum Over Offensive Hong Kong Vlog
Ryan General
July 10, 2018
LC the Chinese Esports on YouTube, a Shanghai-based YouTuber, has called out popular vlogger RiceGum for his shenanigans in Hong Kong last month.
On June 12, RiceGum, whose real name is Bryan Le, uploaded a video in which he made a fool of himself in public while blatantly insulting locals by asking them ridiculous questions in English. The video was widely condemned online, with many saying that he was being disrespectful and culturally insensitive in a foreign country.
One of his many critics was the owner of the channel “LC the Chinese Esports on Youtube,” who brilliantly summed up what everyone was feeling about the 21-year-old’s behavior in Hong Kong.
Responding to Le’s apology video, LC went straight to business after a brief introduction.
“I won’t say I speak perfect English but I just want to say that I have no problem to understand Ricegum’s video,” LC opened.
“So he thinks the first problem is miscommunication. He thinks because we do not understand the slang so the word ‘hoe’ shouldn’t be translated to ‘prostitutes,’” he said, before pointing out the different definitions of the term “hoe” online.  
“How can you just take it for granted that your joke will be appreciated? I can tell you something, in China if you call someone a ‘hoe,’ instantly you got a slap in the face. Ok? So, for some of the comments, they’re not just threatening you, that’s the truth, okay?” he noted, referring to the negative criticisms that Le received.
Along with comedian M2THAK, Le went around touching the hands of strangers, disrupting local shops, asking random people in the street “do you fuck with RiceGum?” “where the bitches at,” “where the hoes at,” and using the Japanese flag to note their arrival in Hong Kong. At one point, he even goes as far as to ask a middle-aged female shop owner if they offer “happy endings.”
“You think we don’t understand what you’re talking about? You think we can’t get the message? Get what you are trying to imply here? Getting a massage with a happy ending? Just don’t ever think you can ever talk yourself out that easily,” LC said.
He then went on to criticize Le for victimizing innocent people who would not be able to react accordingly.
“After watching your whole video…I just realized something, you only asked people that senior people or those who do not understand English. You didn’t even talk to one single person who can actually understand what you are talking about.”
“You’re taking advantage of those people who do not understand English. You’re taking advantage of people who have a good heart.”
Le defended his actions earlier, saying that people are being too sensitive and he was just “joking around” by using Asian stereotypes similar to those used in American comedy.
To this, LC responded, “You blame about the Chinese people not having a sense of humor…You think we do not understand the American hip-hop culture and now finally it comes to American culture. Ask any American, ask any of them if the American culture is about insulting.”
He also blasted Le for playing the victim after receiving negative feedback, saying, “That’s what you look like, an idiot and you do look like a p*ssy. How come you never thought about what you did in the first place? After being racist, you expect people to be nice to you?”
Referring to the part of Le’s video in which he gave a half-eaten ice cream to a local Hong Kong man, LC says that it “is simply just disgusting.”
“If I ever knew someone who did that to my parents, I’m just gonna simply call my mom, ‘I’m not coming back tonight’ and I’ll bring the money for your hospital and I’ll beat the shit out of you that’s what I would do. It’s so freaking rude of you just to make fun of senior people. Try to do that in America see if they have your sense of humor, see if they can appreciate your joke.”
He then posed a challenge to Le to visit Shanghai, China, “I’ll buy for your ticket, I’ll be your translator for free. okay? Just come to Shanghai and ask the exact same questions… I would translate all those things for you, see how that goes.”
“That’s gonna get you one we take you back to where you came from because I think the only thing worse than a blog who don’t even know how to respect other people is a narcissism in full denial,” LC told Le as a parting message. “Thank you for nothing RiceGum and I’ll probably see you again.”
Featured Image via YouTube / LC the Chinese Esports on Youtube
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