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China Blasts CNN After Exposing A‌lleg‌ed Uyghur D‌‌e‌at‌hs at ‘Re-ed‌uca‌tio‌n C‌en‌te‌r’

China is blasting CNN for reporting on an Uyghur woman who a‌lleg‌edly witnessed the d‌e‌at‌h‌s of nine d‌etai‌n‌ee‌s in a “re-education center,” including her own son, at a hos‌pita‌l in Urumqi, Xinjiang region — the center of an ongoing c‌rac‌kd‌own‌ on the ethnic minority.

In the report first published over the weekend, the woman, identified as Mihrigul Tursun, claimed that aut‌h‌ori‌ties detained her and took her eight-week-old triplets just after they arrived from Egypt in March 2015.

Chinese Government Prepares Refugee Camps For North Korean Defectors Along Border

The Chinese government is planning to build refugee camps for North Korean defectors due to the situation within the China-North Korea border which has “intensified lately.” China is prepping to build camps in five areas within Changbai, which could potentially house thousands of North Korean refugees.

While China’s foreign ministry didn’t deny that they were planning to build the alleged refugee sites, they admitted that they weren’t aware there’s already media coverage on it. According to BussinessInsider, China’s plans on building the said refugee camps originated from a leaked document that was discovered on Chinese social media site Weibo.

Daughter Of Vietnamese Refugee Kidnapped By Pirates in 1984 Asks Facebook For Help Finding Her

A daughter of a Vietnamese refugee who tried to escape from Vietnam’s communist rule 33 years ago has made a plea on social media to find her mom.

In a post on Tuesday, Facebook user Amy Nguyen wrote that she is hoping to find her mom, Nguyen Thi Le Hoa, who was abducted by pirates along with other escapees as they were fleeing their country by boat over three decades ago.

Why ‘Made By Refugee’ Stickers Are Appearing on Goods All Over New York

In a bid to remind New Yorkers where they usually get their favorite things, a creative duo decided to go to different New York boroughs to place “made by refugee” stickers on goods that are originally non-American.

Both based in Queens, New York, photographer Kien Quan and partner Jillian Young plastered the stickers on a variety of items ranging from copies of the Bible to bottles of Sriracha chili sauce. Their project was also documented on video to further increase awareness, DNAinfo reports.

Here’s What Japanese People Think of Letting Refugees Into Their Country

For a country that is in great need of immigrants to boost its aging society and depleting workforce, Japan has continued with their low acceptance rate for refugees of only a measly 1% last year.

In 2015, the country reportedly rejected 99% of applicants, only accepting 27 refugees out of the record 7,586 applications it had at the time, according to Al Jazeera.

How a Poor Refugee From Vietnam Became Uber’s CTO

Today, Thuan Pham is the successful Chief Technology Officer at Uber, the most valuable ride-sharing startup in the world worth over $62 billion, but as a child, Pham struggled to survive as a poor refugee boy escaping a war-ravaged Vietnam.

Pham was among the tens of thousands of refugees who fled from the Vietnam War in 1979.  The 10-year-old Pham, his mom and his siblings were crammed with hundreds of other Vietnamese refugees on a 60-meter boat on their way to an uncertain future.

This New York Startup Has the Best Way to Help Refugee Chefs Everywhere

New York City is a haven of great international cuisine. With the number of specialty restaurants that offer a variety of food from different countries in the city, it is certainly not easy for a restaurant to stand out even if they are offering unique meal options.

However, there is something special about Eat Offbeat that sets it apart from other restaurants: its chefs are all refugees who were recruited from International Rescue Committee, an American refugee resettlement agency.