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Singaporean rapper faces possible imprisonment for criticism of ‘Chinese privilege’ over ‘brown’ people

Subhas Nair singaporean rapper

On Monday, Subhas Nair, a controversial Singaporean rapper who accused authorities of racism toward non-Chinese citizens, was charged with creating division among the different races and religions in the country.

What happened: During his court appearance on Monday, Nair, 29, was spotted wearing a T-shirt with the face of Nagaenthran Dharmalingam, a mentally impaired Malaysian man who is set to face the death penalty in Singapore next week, according to Channel News Asia. He was accompanied by his sister, Preeti Nair, a singer better known as Preetipls.

Allegation of Black actor being removed from ‘Dune’ movie poster for China is disproven

dune media

Different variations of the “Dune” poster have ignited a controversy surrounding Chinese audiences and media portrayals.

The initial claims: Earlier reports claimed that Black actor Sharon Duncan-Brewster was removed from the poster of “Dune” in China and replaced with Taiwanese actor Chang Chen; but the conversation grew more complicated as this was proven to be mostly untrue.

Survey: 34% of white college students lied about their race to improve their admission, financial aid odds

lie white students race college admissions survey

A recent survey has found that 34% of its white respondents admitted to lying about being part of a racial minority to boost their chances of getting accepted into college.

Taking advantage: The survey, which questioned 1,250 white college applicants aged 16 and up, discovered that 34% of them lied in their applications, according to Intelligent.

New Sesame Street Song ‘Proud of Your Eyes’ Addresses Anti-Asian Bullying

Sesame Street

Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit behind “Sesame Street,” released a video on June 23 titled “Proud of Your Eyes” to address anti-Asian bullying as part of an initiative to help children and their families have open conversations about race.

The video: Featuring one of “Sesame Street’s” Muppet friends, the video focuses on an experience dealt with by many Asian Americans as Analyn, a Filipino American girl, is ridiculed for her eyes. 

How Comedian Simmone Park Struggled With Not Wanting to Be White, Being Accepted as an Asian

Simmone Park, like many Asians around the world, struggled with coming to terms with her dual identity as a North Korean Canadian woman.

As a speaker and standup comedian, Park had an honest and vulnerable conversation with NextShark where she opened up about her journey of overcoming racism as a child. This eventually manifested itself as internalized racism in her adult years.

African-Chinese Model Urges Singaporeans to Stop Using the N-Word on Twitter


An African-Chinese teen is making a stand to urge Singaporeans to never use the n-word – unless they are black.

Melanie Kasise, a 16-year-old teen model, urged other Singaporeans to stop using the racial slur. Kasise, who is of African and Chinese descent, further admitted that she hates using the word even though one could argue has a claim to it as a black woman.