Badass Japanese Runner Breaks Leg During Marathon, Crawls to Finish Line

Badass Japanese Runner Breaks Leg During Marathon, Crawls to Finish Line
Ryan General
October 29, 2018
In a stunning display of unwavering determination, a teenage runner from Japan managed to finish a relay marathon while on her hands and knees after breaking her leg during the race.
University student Rei Iida has about 200 yards left of her 2.2 mile stage of a relay marathon in Fukoka, Japan when she tripped and fell, fracturing her leg.
Instead of giving up, the 19-year-old ventured on, determined to finish her stretch of the race.
Iida’s incredible will to get to the next stop was captured on video which showed her enduring a painful injury as she crawled on the tarmac.
Bystanders can be seen cheering the young runner on while she continuously sustained injuries on her hands and knees.
As she made her way to her awaiting teammate, she left a trail of blood on the road behind her. Her teammate was also captured on video tearing up as she waited to take over the sash.
According to Runners’ World, some volunteers have repeatedly approached her on the tarmac to check on her and ask if she is ready to give up but she refused to quit.
Iida instead kept asking them: “how many meters are left until my goal?”
When Iida finally made it to the end, her knees were still bleeding.
”’I struggled to decide whether I should stop her, but I felt she could do it as she was almost at her goal.” the head judge told the local news in an interview.
The incredible runner was rushed to a nearby hospital soon after reaching her finish line. She was found to have suffered a fracture which she could take months to recover from.
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