Chinese Locals are Asked What They Think of White People — The Answers Are Making People Sad

Chinese Locals are Asked What They Think of White People — The Answers Are Making People Sad

June 26, 2018
Asian Boss, a YouTube channel that interviews people on the street around Asia about different topics, visited the streets of Shanghai to ask people about what they think of white foreigners living in China. 
Right off the bat, locals in Shanghai discuss white people being more qualified and ambitious when it comes to getting a job.
They also talk about whites having better facial features and height. One man described them as looking “like the statues we used to draw in art class.”
Participants were also asked about “white monkey jobs,” where white people are hired by Chinese businesses to attend events and parties to make the company look more international.
One man said that it was common in Shanghai for foreigners to be invited to perform at real estate events, banquets, product promotions, and big celebration events.
The video then moves on to the topic of light skin and locals were asked if they’ve ever used skin whitening products.
While one woman was confident about her Asian beauty…
Others feel that fair skin is more beautiful. One man pointed out that fair skin on a guy is girly and that having darker skin is seen as “being fit and physically stronger,” while another man just wanted to get a tan.
A majority of the women in the video spoke about using products such as cleansing foams, lotions, toners, and pills to whiten their skin and appear younger.
However, people remain optimistic that the obsession with fair skin will go out of style.
“In the case of Chinese people’s perception of skin tone, I think they will end up changing their minds in the future, as well,” one man said.
However, netizens like Jenny Yang found the way East Asians feel about white people to be “sad.”
Others expressed the same sentiment.
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