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Crazy Rich Chinese Crash Hong Kong Rally with Their Supercars in Toronto

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Video clips showing a parade of Chinese flag-bearing supercars driving past the planned Hong Kong support march over the weekend are making rounds online, igniting criticism from netizens.

According to BlogTO, social media users called out young Chinese nationalists in Canada after footage showing them arriving at the protest site in Toronto driving expensive sports cars, including Ferraris, McLarens, Porsches and others spread online.

Hong Kong Politician Tries to Sneak Past Angry Protesters By Taking Taxi, Gets Kicked Out

An image of a Hong Kong lawmaker getting rejected by a taxi in a bid to evade protesters and reporters is being hailed by some netizens as the “best news photo of the year.”

Pro-government legislator Priscilla Leung had just finished announcing a petition at the Legislative Council on Wednesday when she was chased by a group of anti-extradition protesters who were insisting that she answer to their demands.

Hong Kong Protesters Praised After Parting to Make Way for an Ambulance

Many netizens are applauding protesters for giving way to an ambulance during an emergency in the midst of one of the largest street protest in recent Hong Kong history.

The amazing showcase of genuine human kindness and empathy happened on Sunday where a rough estimation of two million people gathered on the streets of Hong Kong to protest when suddenly, an ambulance tried to pass by during an emergency.

Badass Woman Poses In Front of Anti-Muslim Protesters for One Epic Photo

A badass Muslim woman from the Washington D.C. area took a stand against bigotry and hate by showing kindness — and posing for the camera in front of a group of hateful protesters over the weekend.

Shaymaa Ismaa’eel, a 24-year-old behavioral therapist for children with autism, attended the Islamic Circle of North America convention on Saturday. At the event, the first thing she saw was a group of men protesting outside the convention area with offensive signs while verbally harassing Muslims passing by the event.