Woman Lectures Hong Kong Protesters That ‘Safety is More Important Than Freedom’

Woman Lectures Hong Kong Protesters That ‘Safety is More Important Than Freedom’Woman Lectures Hong Kong Protesters That ‘Safety is More Important Than Freedom’
A woman has sparked criticism online for ripping off posters hung by Hong Kong protesters in Prince Edward district.
The unnamed woman has reportedly been lecturing protesters that “safety is more important than freedom.”
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A video clip of the woman was first posted by the Passion Times on Twitter and has been widely shared on other social media platforms.
In the footage, demonstrators caught the woman taking down protest posters, so they confronted her.
“Why don’t the universities get involved instead of protesting?” she asks. “What a waste of time for everybody. You guys should be enjoying your Sunday.”
“Violence breeds violence. Find me one case where violence led to a solution.”
“You guys value freedom more than safety,” she went on. “I think safety is more important than freedom.”
When a reporter told the woman, “But they’re worried about their safety here.” 
She responded with: “Look, your value system is different.”
The woman can be seen wearing the same shirt worn by the people who previously assaulted protesters and civilians.
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Many view the woman’s actions as an attempt to provoke the protesters to attack her in order to paint them in a negative light.
According to activists, the woman could be among anti-protest westerners hired by pro-China politicians to influence the West’s views on the protest.
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Protests have been going on in Hong Kong since June as activists assail proposals that would allow extradition to mainland China. 
Violence has since erupted in the preceding months as police and activists repeatedly clash on the streets. Anti-riot police have used tear gas and rubber bullets while some activists have thrown bricks, firebombs and other objects at police stations. The clashes have resulted in multiple arrests and numerous injuries.
On Friday, over 1,000 people gathered at a public park near Hong Kong’s legislative to demand justice over the August 31 police raid that turned violent in the Prince Edward subway station.
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