Hong Kong Politician Tries to Sneak Past Angry Protesters By Taking Taxi, Gets Kicked Out

Hong Kong Politician Tries to Sneak Past Angry Protesters By Taking Taxi, Gets Kicked Out
Ryan General
By Ryan General
July 5, 2019
An image of a Hong Kong lawmaker getting rejected by a taxi in a bid to evade protesters and reporters is being hailed by some netizens as the “best news photo of the year.”
Pro-government legislator Priscilla Leung had just finished announcing a petition at the Legislative Council on Wednesday when she was chased by a group of anti-extradition protesters who were insisting that she answer to their demands.
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The petition condemned the protest on July 1 that saw anti-extradition bill demonstrators forcibly entering and defacing the legislative chamber. It also expressed support for the police’s efforts to maintain public order, reports The Standard
Leung, who was joined by other representatives from the legal sector in the press conference, was hounded by a crowd of shouting protesters as she tried to leave.
In a video clip widely shared on Facebook, Leung can be seen being shouted down after she angrily asked one of the protesters “are you a Chinese citizen?”
As the situation became more intense, Leung tried to escape by hopping into a taxi but the driver refused to drive her. She immediately got out of the cab and told the crowd: “You scared him!”
Leung tried returning to Citic Tower, but protesters continued to chase her. She ended up retreating to the LegCo building, which has been temporarily closed off to the public following the damage caused on July 1.
Leung has been a vocal supporter of “Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (Amendment) Bill 2019” which was proposed by the Hong Kong government.
In recent weeks, Hongkongers have been engaging in huge protests expressing outrage against the controversial extradition bill which they feel could leave them at the mercy of mainland China’s courts.
Featured image via Headline Daily
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