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Woman’s post asking if she is wrong for serving her Asian mother-in-law a mac and cheese dinner goes viral

  • A Reddit user posted to the subreddit /AmItheAssh*le on April 26 explaining that her Asian mother-in-law and husband found it “disrespectful” that she had served them mac and cheese for dinner four weeks after she had given birth.
  • According to the user’s post, her husband’s family had shown up without notice, and her husband requested that she make anything “homemade.”
  • When the user made mac and cheese, her mother-in-law looked “appalled” and ranted that she had “no experience in what is right and wrong when it comes to hosting.”
  • The user also said her husband had agreed with the mother-in-law and refused to eat the dinner, stating that she was being disrespectful to his family’s culture.
  • Many Reddit users reassured the new mother that what her husband’s family had done was not representative of Asian culture and that they “are just AHs [assh*les].”

A Reddit user says her Asian mother-in-law and husband were “appalled” that she had served them mac and cheese for dinner, after she had given birth four weeks prior.

In a viral post titled “AITA for serving my husband’s family Mac N Cheese for dinner?” Reddit user u/Dinner101____ recounts the recent clash she had with her husband’s family over her choice of dinner.