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Dark Mobile Dating Game in China Teaches Women to Spot Manipulative Pick-Up Artists

Four university students in Guangzhou city, China recently launched a mobile dating game aimed to help women identify a pick up artist.

The developers of the game were inspired to create the app, “PUA Investigative Report,” after hearing online groups offering men courses on how to manipulate women into total submission, sometimes resorting to violence.

‘Pick-Up Artist’ in Asia Trolls Taiwan with ‘Fake Apology’ After Calling Taiwanese Women ‘Easy’

After he promised to take down all of the videos he took in Taiwan and upload an apology video, infamous British “pick-up artist” Nicholas Coakley, known online as “Explorer Nick,” continues to add new clips in another account Explorer Nick Uncut.

On Friday, Coakley published a video on his Uncut channel apologizing for his behavior and for offending people in Taiwan and for calling Taiwanese women “easy.” A day later, however, he changed the title of his video to “Explorer Nick Fake Taiwan Apology,” proving right those who doubted his sincerity, Shanghaiist reported.

Thai Model Blasts British Pick-Up Artist for Secretly Filming a YouTube Video of Her

A Thai model is exposing an ex-pat pick-up artist after he filmed their encounter without her permission to use on his YouTube and Patreon channels.

Sawitree “Sky” Paotadaeng, 29, is a pharmacist and freelance model who was shopping at the Terminal 21 shopping mall in Bangkok when a man who identifies himself as Nicholas Coakley, a balding British pick-up artist living in Asia, approached her attempting to hit on her and get her contact information.

‘The Asian Playboy’ Has the Perfect Response to Asian Women Who Say They ‘Don’t Date Asian Men’

In a recent Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), JT Tran, known as a dating coach extraordinaire, university lecturer and the creator of “ABCs of Attraction“, dropped some sage advice for Asian men who face romantic discrimination in the dating world.

It has long been an issue that Asian men are emasculated in the media (though that’s changing), but sometimes the cultural consequences can be just as problematic when Asian women drop the dreaded, “I don’t date Asian men” line in the dating scene.