‘Pick-Up Artist’ in Asia Trolls Taiwan with ‘Fake Apology’ After Calling Taiwanese Women ‘Easy’

‘Pick-Up Artist’ in Asia Trolls Taiwan with ‘Fake Apology’ After Calling Taiwanese Women ‘Easy’
Bryan Ke
June 18, 2018
After he promised to take down all of the videos he took in Taiwan and upload an apology video, infamous
On Friday, Coakley published a video on his Uncut channel apologizing for his behavior and for offending people in Taiwan and for calling Taiwanese women “easy.” A day later, however, he changed the title of his video to “Explorer Nick Fake Taiwan Apology,” proving right those who doubted his sincerity, Shanghaiist reported.
http://taiwangirlseasy.com was a disgusting website that I’ll be deleting next week as my web developer is on holiday for his religious holiday. It actually ended up costing me money and I am ashamed of what I put inside,” he wrote in the YouTube description.
I am sorry firstly to all the girls I have hurt in these videos and on social media,” he continued.
“Lastly I am sorry to Taiwan and it’s kind and friendly people. I am sorry to those I have offended and I am sorry to the foreigners and expats in Taiwan, whose image I may have tarnished.”
The 28-year-old vlogger was allegedly pushed to make and release the video after he received some threats from who are believed to be members of the Taiwan mafia, according to Taiwan News. In the screenshot of the message exchange, it can be seen that Coakley was warned that the Taiwan mafia is looking for him and that he should apologize to the people or else they will cut off his penis.
via Taiwan News
He then said in the following series of messages that the videos have all be taken down.
via Taiwan News
However, despite his agreement, new videos have been posted in his Uncut channel showing how he tries to pick up Taiwanese women.
Coakley, who is an associate of other infamous pick-up artist David Bond, landed in Taiwan on June 7 to shoot a series of videos showing how the two of them can obtain numbers of women and possibly leading to a hook-up in the end.
The day after they landed, Coakley posted a video where he inaccurately labeled Taiwan as part of China with the title saying “Second Day in China | Meeting Taiwanese Girls,” but was later edited to “Second Day in Taiwan,” Taiwan News reported.
Many women began filing complaints against Coakley, saying that they were filmed without consent. One of the victims of the pick-up artist made a post on a Taiwanese forum, PTT, detailing her encounter with the man. She wrote:
This man suddenly pulled me aside when it was raining, I was holding barbeque skewers and I was in a hurry to take them home before they spoiled. He said he came to Taiwan for fun and I said ‘Oh, that’s great.’ He then frantically repeated ‘You are my type, you are my f***ing type.’ He was so rude, and so I shamelessly said in reply, ‘thank you a lot of guys say that.’ Then he asked if he could have my cell phone number, and I kept telling him that I did not want to give it to him, but maybe my English pronunciation was too poor. He still handed his phone to me and wanted me to give him my number. It made me think, ‘What is your problem? Is there something f***ing wrong with your ears?'”
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