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Fitness Trainer Photoshops Pictures to Show Changing Body Standards Through The Years


A fitness instructor from Los Angeles, California has ignited discussion about body positivity on social media after posting a series of images showing the evolving beauty standards throughout the ages.

Using Photoshop, Cassey Ho altered her photos to portray people’s body ideals in different time periods and then shared the results on her blog and social media accounts.

Foreigner’s Heart Broken After Told Large Statue in Tokyo’s Anime Capital is Fake

A foreigner traveler’s dreams were crushed after he found out that a viral photo of an anime schoolgirl straddling an elevated train track in Akihabara, Japan was photoshopped.


Brilliant Chinese Artist Brings Movie Characters To Life With Amazing Caricatures

Xi Ding is an Austria-based Chinese artist who specializes in caricature and face design.

He Bought a Godzilla Named ‘Ryan’ For $8 and Now They’re Inseparable

Godzilla Instagram

A Godzilla figurine, dubbed Ryan, made a perfect travel buddy for an Australian photographer and videographer who got into all sorts of shenanigans around the world.

When the Tokyo-Tromping Ryan isn’t busy destroying buildings, he’s globetrotting with Kieran Murray, an Australian traveler who got the famous Japanese lizard monster figurine for $8 at a comic book shop, according to BoredPanda.

The Internet Gives Newest Kim Jong Un Pic the Photoshop He Deserves

North Korea’s missile launch on Tuesday made headlines around the world,  its Hwasong-15 missile reportedly an ICBM capable of reaching the United States, according to North Korean media. To showcase the news as positive, North Korean media outlets released photos of Kim Jong Un celebrating the launch with officials cheering him on.

One photo in particular caught the eye of a Redditor, which prompted an epic photoshop battle with the dear leader.

Thai Flight Attendant Roasted on Instagram for Photoshopping Her Photos

One of the perceived perks of being a flight attendant is the ability to travel the world. Of course, they do get to travel abroad, but they are usually bound by their schedule and destinations which are limited by their assignments.

Such limitations did not stop one Thai attendant from showing off the lifestyle most people can only dream of, reported Coconuts Bangkok.