Thai Flight Attendant Roasted on Instagram for Photoshopping Her Photos

One of the perceived perks of being a flight attendant is the ability to travel the world. Of course, they do get to travel abroad, but they are usually bound by their schedule and destinations which are limited by their assignments.

Such limitations did not stop one Thai attendant from showing off the lifestyle most people can only dream of, reported Coconuts Bangkok.
The Emirates flight attendant, identified as Ticha Louktarn, loves to post photos of her glamorous lifestyle on Instagram. What many people noticed, however, was her apparent fascination with Photoshop which baffled many netizens.
Her Instagram account, which has an impressive 150,000 followers, has recently sparked discussion among Thai netizens online. The hashtag #ticha_ek even became a local trending topic on Twitter and Facebook.
Apparently, some of her photos don’t look realistic enough to convince everyone. Many have questioned the authenticity of her travel pics, with some pointing out the backgrounds in some of her photos were stolen and manipulated with Photoshop,
After netizens busted her photo manipulation, Louktarn removed some of her uploaded photos, especially those which were exposed to have stolen backgrounds. She did keep most of her travel photos and videos, proving that she does in fact get to enjoy a jet-setting lifestyle.
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Of course, that did not stop some Instagram users to have fun and mockingly Photoshopping themselves into their own dream destinations:
She didn’t seem to mind too much though as she recently posted this as a response to them:

Hey, I’ve been to the moon Opps! Would @nasa report me?

A photo posted by LoUK✞A®N™ (@ticha_ek) on Dec 8, 2016 at 7:29am PST

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