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‘We are not gods and other animals are not trash’: PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk urges compassion in ‘Animalkind’ Korean release

Ingrid Newkirk PETA

It took a few but significant moments in a young girl’s life to make her the world’s leading champion of animal rights today.

“The word ‘vegan’ wasn’t known before,” Ingrid Newkirk, 72, told NextShark in an exclusive interview. “Now, young people mostly shun fur because they abhor cruelty to animals, and it isn’t fashionable.”

PETA Sparks Outrage Among Asians in Vegan ‘Meme’ Article

An article published by PETA has been causing a stir on Twitter for its purportedly culturally insensitive narrative on what it’s like to be an Asian vegan.

The post is a series of images with captions asserting that Asians are treated a specific way for their chosen lifestyle. The problem, however, is that many Asians are already vegan or vegetarian due to their culture and/or religion; PETA failed to even give so much as a nod to this demographic, its glaring omission perpetuating the notion that Asians are generally a monolith.

‘Malnourished’ Bear in Chinese Zoo Draws Outrage, Owner Claims It’s Perfectly Fine

Alarmed Chinese netizens have expressed their concern over an undernourished brown bear from a zoo in China after its photos began making the rounds on local social media platforms.

In the photos, the bear is shown looking so skinny that its bones are showing under its skin. Initially posted on Weibo on June 19, photos of the bear quickly spread across multiple social media platforms, leaving many netizens worried about its well-being.

Fake Leather Store in Thailand Pulls the Most Shocking Anti-Animal Cruelty Stunt Yet

A creative new anti-animal cruelty campaign has a shocking way of getting their message across.

It would have been a day like any other for shoppers at the CentralWorld mall, but a pop-up store called The Leather Works had a horrific surprise for their consumers. Men and women who perused the store inspecting the luxury leather goods discovered the bloody backstory of these products.

PETA: The Fashion Industry’s Cold-Blooded Vanity Should Make Your Skin Crawl

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from PETA by their Fashion Campaign Coordinator Christina Sewell.

The recent announcement by Kering — the parent company of fashion brands Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Gucci, and others — that it is teaming up with the International Trade Centre to manage a “sustainable trade” in Nile crocodiles from Madagascar should make any caring consumer’s skin crawl. Why? As the blog Jezebel noted, “Kering isn’t doing this out of the kindness of its corporate heart.” The company wants to make sure that there’s a steady supply of crocodiles to breed and kill for overpriced purses and shoes. The production of a single handbag may use the skins of four crocodiles.