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Korean American rapper Jessi departs Psy label P Nation after 3 years

  • Psy’s label P Nation issued a statement on Wednesday saying their first signed artist, Korean American rapper Jessi, would be leaving their agency.
  • P Nation expressed their gratitude to Jessi and her fans and explained that her contract has expired after three years with the label.
  • During her time with P Nation, Jessi released hits such as “Zoom,” “What Type Of X” and “Nunu Nana.”
  • Jessi debuted in 2005 under the stage name Jessica H.O. with her album “Get Up.”

Korean American rapper Jessi has departed from Psy’s label P Nation after three years with the agency.

P Nation released a statement on Wednesday to express their gratitude to Jessi and her fans. The label also explained that Jessi’s contract has expired.

Psy’s P Nation label debuts its first boy group, six-member TNX

  • P Nation debuted their first boy group TNX yesterday with a five-track EP called “Way Up” and its title track “Move.”
  • The six-member group were all contestants on an SBS show called “Loud,” with winners going on to form boy groups under the P Nation Label and JYP Entertainment.
  • TNX is composed of leader TaeHun, Korean Australian member KyungJun, HyunSoo, JunHyeok, Hwi and maknae (the youngest member) SungJun.
  • Members Hwi, KyungJun and JunHyeok all participated in penning some lyrics for tracks on the EP. The last track, “Your Favorite Melody,” was written by Hwi prior to being a contestant on “Loud.”

Psy’s first boy group, TNX, debuted Tuesday with their EP “Way Up.”

TNX, an acronym for “The New Six,” was formed through an SBS reality competition show called “Loud” in 2021. Seventy-five contestants competed for potential spots within two boy groups: one under P Nation and the other under JYP Entertainment.