Psy’s P Nation label debuts its first boy group, six-member TNX

Psy’s P Nation label debuts its first boy group, six-member TNX
Daniel Anderson
May 18, 2022
Psy’s first boy group, TNX, debuted Tuesday with their EP “Way Up.”
TNX, an acronym for “The New Six,” was formed through an SBS reality competition show called “Loud” in 2021. Seventy-five contestants competed for potential spots within two boy groups: one under P Nation and the other under JYP Entertainment. 
The six members of TNX are leader TaeHun, Korean Australian member KyungJun, HyunSoo, JunHyeok, Hwi and Maknae SungJun. 
“Way Up” is a five-track EP with a song called “Move” as the title track. “Move” was co-produced by Psy and Yoo Gun-hyung, who also co-produced the former’s megahit “Gangnam Style.” 
Other tracks on the EP involved production participation from the other members. Member Hwi composed and arranged the track “We On” and joined members KyungJun and JunHyeok in scribing the lyrics. The last track of the EP, “Your Favorite Melody,” is something Hwi wrote prior to being in “Loud.” 
“I composed the last track before taking part in ‘Loud,’ in April 2021. I’d written the song, not knowing whether it’d be able to see the light of day, but just hoping that it could become a small comfort to people if it does. It’s an honor to have my songs included on the team’s debut album.”  Hwi told press during a debut showcase on Tuesday, according to the Korea Herald
Leader Taehun said, “It feels unreal to be standing here on this stage … as much as we’ve dreamt about this moment, we’ve worked hard for it. We’ll be doing our best every moment, so look out for us.”
“Our first album embodies our powerful energy and overflowing talent. We hope you take a careful listen to all the tracks. We are all strong in different aspects, and I’m sure people will be charmed by every one of us, not to mention by our chemistry. As artists of P Nation, our stage presence will also be something to take note of,” maknae (the youngest member) Sungjun added.
“As it’s our debut that all the members have been hoping for and working toward for a long time, we’re happy and thrilled. Yet at the same time, we feel anxious and nervous from the pressure to do well. Our goal is to just strive endlessly, aiming to reach the pinnacle,” JunHyeok was quoted as saying by the Herald. 
The members also note that Psy has given them encouragement and helped them transform in the eight months following “Loud.” 
“All the members have grown and improved in different aspects since ‘Loud.’ I personally used to be very shy before, but I think I’m much less so now,” KyungJun said.
“Psy really boosted us with confidence when he told us that we’re doing well and all we need to do is just to be ourselves on the stage,” SangJun said.
TNX’s debut comes shortly after Psy’s star-studded ninth album dropped last month with collaborators like BTS’ Suga, Mamamoo’s Hwasa and P Nation’s own Jessi. Maybe Psy will even perform some TNX dance moves on his new TikTok
Featured Image via PSY (left) / TNX (right)
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