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California’s Asian Republican congresswomen urge community to vote GOP to fight anti-Asian attacks

Michelle Steel
  • In an op-ed for the Lunar New Year, California Reps. Michelle Steel (R-48) and Young Kim (R-39) addressed issues faced by the Asian American community under Democratic leadership.
  • The pair of lawmakers cited the recent surge in reported hate crimes, purported discrimination in higher education institutions’ admissions policies and general increase in prices and taxes as reasons for Asian American communities to activate.
  • They invited Asian Americans to their nearest Republican National Committee community centers, saying, “The time for action is now.”

California Reps. Michelle Steel (R-48) and Young Kim (R-39) are inviting Asian American voters to join the Republican Party as a means to solve current issues that have taken a toll on members of the community.

In a Lunar New Year op-ed published by The Hill, the lawmakers opened by honoring the Year of the Tiger and praising the animal for its qualities, which they say are embedded in the Asian American identity.

Op-Ed: Filipino Culture is More Than Just Lumpia

Have you ever had your entire culture summed up in one food dish? “I love lumpia!” is what I normally hear whenever people discover I’m Filipino American. However, lumpia does not define who I am, nor does it define the Filipino and Filipino American people.

As previously covered by NextShark, the San Francisco Chronicle’s unfortunate coverage of this year’s Pistahan Parade and Festival set the scene with the “scent of fresh lumpia” as its first sentence.