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K-pop Weekly: OMEGA X takes legal action against label; BIBI releases first full album; The Rose rocks Seattle

So much happened in the K-pop world this week. Boy group OMEGA X took unprecedented action and held their own press conference to detail alleged incidents of physical, verbal and sexual abuse from their company CEO. The K-pop group are terminating their contracts, trademarking their name and taking legal action against Spire Entertainment.

The upcoming 2022 MAMA Awards announced massive names for their special stages, including BTS’ J-Hope and a 32-idol performance from five rookie girl groups: IVE, Kep1er, NMIXX, LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans. Meanwhile, soloists such as BIBI, YooA and EXO’s CHEN all released anticipated and notable albums.

K-pop label CEO accused of verbally and physically abusing members of boy group Omega X

Omega X
  • The CEO of Spire Entertainment, the agency for Omega X, allegedly verbally and physically abused the K-pop boy group members throughout their “Connect: Don't Give Up” world tour.”
  • In a video shared by SBS Entertainment News on Oct. 24, the CEO, a woman identified as Kang, is seen berating the members, saying, “Do you think losers like you could be loved by people?” and “Are you big? You didn't come this far on your own,” harassing them to the point Omega X’s leader Jae-han collapses to the ground and is left in tears.
  • Other netizens posted their own videos on social media from various tour stops, claiming they witnessed similar incidents of verbal and physical abuse from the CEO to the members ranging from yelling, taking away their food and jabbing them in the chest.
  • Spire Entertainment issued an apology, saying it was a misunderstanding and that the stresses of the tour caused them to air their grievances out to one another.
  • Following the conclusion of their world tour, Spire allegedly canceled the members’ return flights, forcing them to pay their own way back home from Los Angeles, with some members relying on family for help.

Members of the K-pop boy group Omega X have allegedly experienced a slew of mismanagement and abuse during their “Connect: Don’t Give Up” world tour.

On Oct. 24, SBS Entertainment News shared a video showing alleged verbal and physical abuse from the CEO of Omega X’s label Spire Entertainment toward the 11-member band in a Los Angeles parking lot. 

‘Stand up!’ for K-pop boy group Omega X’s debut Japanese-language album

Spire Entertainment’s 11-member K-pop boy group Omega X released their first Japanese-language album “Stand up!” on Wednesday.

The album features a title track of the same name and comes with five other songs: “Luv ‘Em,” “I’m Sorry,” “Drive,” “#BRB” and a Japanese version of “Omega X” from their first mini-album “Vamos.”

K-pop boy group Omega X announce dates for US segment of ‘Connect: Don’t Give Up’ tour

  • K-pop boy group Omega X announced the dates for the U.S. segment of their upcoming world tour on Monday.
  • The Spire Entertainment group will perform in 12 cities across the U.S. starting in early October in Boston and concluding in Los Angeles in late October.
  • In September, they will perform in five cities in Latin America, including Mexico City and Bogotá, Colombia.
  • During an interview with NextShark back in June, Omega X talked about their debut full-length album “Stories Written In Music,” led by the title track “Play Dumb.”

Spire Entertainment’s 11-member boy group Omega X recently announced the U.S. segment of their upcoming “Connect: Don’t Give Up” world tour.

The U.S. segment of the tour will span 12 cities, starting on Oct. 1 in Boston and concluding in Los Angeles on Oct. 23. Last month, Omega X revealed that they will be performing in five cities in Latin America, including Mexico City and Bogotá, Colombia.

K-pop boy group Omega X compose a ‘Story Written in Music’ in first full-length album

  • K-pop boy group Omega X released their first full-length album “Story Written in Music” with title track “Play Dumb” on June 15.
  • The album features several songs composed and co-written by the 11-member group under Spire Entertainment, including an exclusive track on the physical album that credits their fans, For X, as songwriters.
  • Omega X consists of Hwichan, Sebin, Hangyeom, Taedong, Xen, Jehyun, Kevin, Junghoon, Hyuk, Yechan and group leader Jaehan, all of them being either former members of previous groups or contestants on singing competition shows.
  • The group spoke with NextShark about their new album, upcoming projects and their hopes for the future.

K-pop boy group Omega X’s name takes inspiration from the Greek letter omega, meaning final or end, but the release of their first full-length album “Story Written in Music,” a genre-eclectic journal of 13 songs, conveys that their stories are just beginning.

Omega X’s origin story is also a comeback story for its 11 members, who were either artists in previous groups or contestants vying for stardom à la singing competition shows. This is reflected in the name of their YouTube reality series “Loading One More Chanx” —  thankfully, Spire Entertainment did just that when they took a chance on each of the members to forge their respective redemptions. In June last year, the group made its successful debut with their EP “Vamos,” which sold out all 20,000 copies of its initial batch in less than a week.