OMEGA X announce lawsuit victory against their label

OMEGA X announce lawsuit victory against their label
via Cosmopolitan
Daniel Anderson
January 13, 2023
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South Korean boy band OMEGA X announced that they have won a lawsuit against their agency, SPIRE Entertainment, to suspend the validity of their exclusive contracts.

The 11-member group shared the news on Instagram on Wednesday. The members of OMEGA X had previously made allegations of verbal and physical abuse by the former CEO of SPIRE Entertainment, Kang Seong-hee.
In a press conference in November 2022, OMEGA X spoke about the mistreatment they had allegedly suffered at the hands of SPIRE Entertainment. They included allegations that Kang had threatened to murder them and sexually harassed a few of them. Kang denied the allegations, claiming that she had taken care of the members “like their mother.”
The allegations first popped up in October 2022 after OMEGA X finished their U.S. tour. At the time, Korean outlet SBS News shared videos that purportedly show Kang verbally abusing and manhandling members of the group outside a concert venue and in a hotel lobby in Los Angeles.
The 21st Civil Affairs Department of the Seoul Eastern District Court ruled in favor of OMEGA X, stating that “the basic relationship of trust has disappeared and it is difficult to maintain a normal contractual relationship at this time.”
The court also acknowledged the verbal and physical abuse that OMEGA X members claimed they experienced, stating that it was not accidental.
The group’s legal counsel had previously mentioned that the boy band plans to press charges against Kang for allegedly “threatening, assaulting and exploiting the members.”
It is still unknown whether OMEGA X will transfer to a new label or operate independently following the suspension of their contracts.

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