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Critics charge NY Times story on disagreement between Asian and Black activists ignores data

black asian americans solidarity

The New York Times is facing criticism for failing to address what some contend is a crucial point in a recent article that sought to explain why Asian and Black activists struggle to unite against violence.

Driving the news: In a 1,500-word story published on Sunday, the Times identified policing as the “one main issue” that divides the communities. While Black Lives Matter activists — fueled by the death of George Floyd in May 2020 — call for defunding law enforcement, some Asian leaders support more policing, given the astronomical surge in attacks against their community amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

New York Times Draws Backlash Again for Having ZERO Clue About Asian Culture

Jade Sixty is a New York steakhouse that opened on Tuesday on the Upper East Side, but for a restaurant “inspired by Asia” someone sure forgot to read up on the do’s and don’ts of using chopsticks.

In a New York Times “Off The Menu” column, originally titled “New York Steakhouse Inspired by Asia Opens on Upper East Side,” Jade Sixty was described as serving “nine cuts of beef, surf & turf, whole chicken and seafood platters,” while also offering a menu inspired by Asia, including soup dumplings, chicken yakitori, spring rolls, and sushi specialties.

NY Times Calling Netflix Korean Drama ‘Affirmative Action’ is Racist AF

The NY Times has recently come under fire for an article suggesting that Netflix’s acquisition of a Korean drama had something to do with affirmative action.

The article, which has since been quietly amended amidst the backlash, listed a handful of new shows for readers to view at their leisure. It previously stated that the South Korean Drama, “Stranger”, was an “affirmative-action slot” added to Netflix’s roster, as the company must have recognized “the ubiquity and popularity of South Korean dramas“.